Frequently Asked Questions!

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What, and Where is Oni Con?
Oni Con is an annual Japanese culture convention with many events, programming, exhibitors, talents and celebrities who gather to introduce fans to their various industries.
Oni Con will be held October 27th – 29th 2017 at the Galveston Community Center in Galveston.

What can I expect at Oni Con
Lots of exciting panels, workshops, concerts, fashion shows, cosplay (costumes in play), photography, meeting people, buying goodies from exhibitors and artists, a car show and hanging out with your friends!

Can anyone attend?
Yes, all you need to access the convention is a badge which can be purchased online or at the door. Check registration link for details.

Is there an age limit to attend the convention
No, Oni Con is a family event. However, children 12 and under must have guardians with them at all times. Some panels and events have an age requirement. Please check our convention schedule for the restricted panel/event.

Why is everyone dressed up?
It’s called cosplaying and it is the art of creating a costume and portraying your favorite characters. It is fun and anyone is welcomed to cosplay